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Living in a Spanish speaking country, I see subtitles on a daily basis. Most of the time, they are laughably bad, even the so called professionally done ones for the movies. My wife likes to put on the English subtitles when we watch DVDs, it helps her to understand what theyre saying better. But even the English subtitles in an American movie are totally different from whats being spoken.
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As a symphony musician, I think I would enjoy applause when the listener feels it. If they enjoyed a particular solo passage, they should hoot and holler. I'm being serious, it would relieve some of the enormous pressure I feel.
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Difficult to film?

Watch it again!

There is nothing difficult about this at all!!!! Just watch one side, and then flip the other and watch that side only, and then put the two together.

It's a nice effect, but it's not difficult at all!!!!

Pay attention!
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Ugh. Honestly - even music has run out of inspiration and can only regurgitate and plagiarize and copy. Lazy lazy lazy. They're all out to make money, and that's is all. Just like the movies. What a load of crap.
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It's like that joke that George Carlin tells about people move to Hawaii thinking it's paradise, build their dream home under the volcano, and wonder why there's lava flowing through their house the next year!

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That's because you Yanks and Ozzies misspell words all the time.

This is the same case of laziness for words such as COLOUR.

But for some reason when comes to GLAMOUR, you decide to keep it.

If you are going to say that you are speaking ENGLISH, then spell it correctly.

Possum is incorrect, this is simply a case of people not knowing what the correct spelling is. Hearing it spoken people have no idea that there is an "o" in it.
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