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Maybe they'll do something like people who use cormorants for fishing -- a band cinched around the throat that prevents the birds from swallowing the catch.
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Freaky as they are, they are not weirder than, say, some of Da Vinci's caricature sketches. Velasquez did a series of studies of madmen. And the modeling's not more "hyper-real" than Bernini could chisel. Rather than striking me as "contemporary" looking, I get the vibe of Baroque caricatures...which would mean he was actually artistically behind the times.
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Before we get all panegyric with the comments, let's not forget other studies...like Jane Goodall's observations of a chimpanzee "war" where one band systematically killed all the males of a neighboring band then mated with the females. That involved "cooperative" behavior too -- amongst the killers, that is.
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And yet nobody lauds the Daring Political Stance of the Three Stooges, who released "You Natzy Spy!" nine months before "The Great Dictator".
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Phosphorus and nitrogen are constituents in fertilizer, so it sounds like the pig poop dilemma is essentially the same as the problem of fertilizer runoff. The Straight Dope recently dealt with a question of us eventually running out of mined phosphorus. Wouldn't the truly savvy thing to do is find a way to process and reutilize the elements rather than gengineering their absorption, then patting ourselves on the back about how clever we are to make "Ecopigs"?
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1970 you say, Joanie?. Hmmm. The Wikipedia entry on the Maldives (a cluster of islands in the Indian Ocean says "However, around 1970, the sea level there dropped 20–30 centimetres (8–12 in)." Coincidence?
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Let's not overlook that this book is one of a series, so a lot of major design decisions were made long before this particular jacket project and are not reflected in the clip.
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This is the same guy who opined that sub-Saharan Africa has worse health issues not because of poverty but because, he says, the people have lower IQs. Danger, Will Robinson!
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Maybe enough cocky and stubborn people -- the kind who are likely to figure in a fight -- embrace "My Way" as a vindication of their contrariness? In other words, not that the song gets you killed, but that people with greater chances of being killed are singing it?

Sid Vicious' cover of the song rules, IMHO.
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Ah, dlasnier, but let us not forget that sometimes when art is made to "question", it's actually made to indulge the poseurs who pride themselves on learning what they're supposed to SAY they appreciate -- an intellectual bourgeoisie, so to speak. Pretentious art-babble can be just as much an exercise in ego-stroking and showing off as portraits and decorations.
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You know, my brother is also one to cite Sweden as an example of a country where they can make all he wants in a government work, and work well. He even looked into moving there. Why didn't he go? Because it turned out he couldn't possibly afford to live there. But still he doesn't let a little thing like prohibitive cost of living interrupt his paeans...
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Last summer I heard that an aunt of mine (whom I'd met maybe twice in my life) had been smothered to death with a pillow by her son, who then slit his wrists and died. This happened only a month-and-a-half after they moved back to their native country full of dreams of a pleasant rest of their lives. A horrible story. But the only reason I found out about it was that they had no wills, or at least none that could be found, and all relatives had to be notified and their addresses supplied to the court to deal with the estates. Talk about an extreme good news/bad news call : You're going to receive two legacies because of murder-suicide. Nothing like the sums mentioned here, but enough and at the right time to make a big difference in my situation. Creepy to benefit from tragedy like that, though.
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