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@Zombie: And yet, you call yourself a zombie. Hmmmm....

Just kidding. I would consider myself a feminist and I'm studying to be a teacher, too. I love kids, especially mine, and want to be able to spend time with them. Biology is biology..don't fight it. I still think we should pe paid more, though.
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I would think that someone had spilled paint on themselves and was too stupid and or lazy to wipe it off.

Also, the Nokia ad is there for me, too. Neatorama apparently thinks that revamping thier website is best done by handing over to companies to advertise thier sh*t. Oh well, at least the content is still interesting. Plus, they deserve to make some money. I'd do it too if I had a website that was interesting enough for people to want to buy ad space, or if I had a website at all.
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My grandfather had a black ceiling and mantel for years after he had the bright idea of burning his tree after Christmas. He thought that he could just slowly push it into the fire place as it burned. Instead it went POOF!!! Very funny in retrospect. Thank God for the fire department.
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Can someone please make estrogen-laced brownies before I hit monopause in a few years? THANX!!

BTW, I am very happy for this family.Generally, if your child has autism, you will be forced to either spend all of the money you have for treatments that do very little or nothing at all or feel horrible about not being able to afford to help your own child. Congratulations to this family!!
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@Skipweasel and Eric: Very funny. I'd almost forgotten that skit.

I think it's a great idea. I have read that bees are decreasing in number rapidly and scientists do not know why. This could have devastating effects on our food production. I'd rather get stung by a bee than starve. Yeah bees!!
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