Christmas Tree Fire

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A public service announcement video from the U.S. Department of Commerce demonstrating how rapidly fire will spread in a dry Christmas tree.

Some Neatorama readers may remember an era when trees were decorated with real candles, and families kept a bucket of water with a mop nearby.  Trees of that era were of course more freshly cut and had branching patterns less dense than today's field-pruned varieties.

Via Cynical-C.

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My grandfather had a black ceiling and mantel for years after he had the bright idea of burning his tree after Christmas. He thought that he could just slowly push it into the fire place as it burned. Instead it went POOF!!! Very funny in retrospect. Thank God for the fire department.
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Fake trees, even the impregnated ones are not always more fireproof than real trees. The fake ones sometimes leak plastics during heating and give off chemical fumes that are so poisonous that one gets permanent healthdamage afterward.

The problem with fire in any house- with our without trees- is just that they make big fires real fast. Candles under curtains, shortcircuits in computers, tv-sets or in wires that are caught between wheels of rolling furniture- all in combination with cheap non-wool fabrics are main culprits of housefires and deaths all over the world.
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Perhaps. But a life lived with an excess of caution misses a lot of experiences and pleasures. It might be better while sitting in the rocking chair in the nursing home to be able to mutter "I remember the night the Christmas tree burned up..."
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