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Rats - yeah pretty sure hubble got it right, it's a fishing rod reel.

Wrong guess: It's a ghostbusters device to send the unspeakable ones (i.e. Michael Bolton) to R'lyeh.
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Funny, Holland MI is on the West side of MI, and Flint is on the East so apparently West siders are just happier?

Curious that they combined Holland and Grand Haven, they're near each other, but not like twin cities or anything.

Holland is very nice, right near Lake Michigan, very clean and well taken care of.

Flint is horrible. Tons of crime and poverty, it's a dying city.
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Wow, what a crazy device. Good intentions I think, but in the end it would probably end up in more violence and/or retribution.

Now if they could rig the thing to be painless but somehow tag the rapist with like a homing device?

Maybe have it painlessly inject a colored die into the rapist that turns his ears purple? So we would all know that rapists have purple ears.
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