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Why the "beleive it or not" part about Huey Lewis being asked to write a theme song? It is not unbelieveable at all, especially since that is the whole POINT of hte lawsuit. That after he said no, they sought out Ray Parker Jr. asking for a Huey Lewis style song, and RAy Parker took it one step further and just sped up the tempo of I WAnt a New Drug and used it for his song.
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If only ONE "blog" had an actual journalist on their staff they would have been able to report that the REASON why Mr. Burns got so many votes was because of a spoof that circulated around the internet that claiemd to be a campaign video for Mr. Burns for Mayor of NY City.

But why bother with actual journalism and research when you are a blog? It is not like anyone takes you seriously to begin with.
Abusive comment hidden. (Show it anyway.) do realize the world has differnet laws depending on your country, right? Thus making your comment completely false. Also, why do I get the feeling you are the first to complain loudly about CCTV cameras and red light cameras?
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Just becuase hte video is in slow motion doesn't mean that the director wants the AUDIO to be too.

Newsflash for you...the audio of a movie is NOT supposed to be what you would hear if you were wherever the camera happens to be. Otherwise you could complain about pretty much EVERY scene,since when a camera zooms in or out, the audio level doesn't change.

Same concept with clow motion. The video is slowed down. That doesn't mean the audio has to be.
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