Google Car Pulled Over by the Cops - Now in Google Street View!

Remember the story sent by Neatorama reader Chris Whiteoak about Google Street View Car in Bradford, England, that got pulled over by the police? Well, the street view has been released for UK, and Chris noticed that the entire drama was caught on the all-seeing Google's cam!

Chris walking down the street just before he noticed the police car up the road (pan left to see it in the distance) | Police in pursuit, picking up a fellow policeman | Police pulling over the Google Street View Car

Thanks Chris!

Update 4/7/09 - Seems like this story went everywhere! Besides being featured on Digg's front page, Chris told us that a few newspapers also picked it up. Here are the articles on The Sun, The Telegraph and Argus, Daily Mail, and Metro. Of course, none of these fine newspaper even mentioned Neatorama ;)

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Hey just so you all know StreetView is not done for any financial gain. These companys spend thousands & thousands of dollars doing these projects for people to view places they may never get out and visit. There are also many other valid reasons why street view is great which far out number the negatives. Pre-Planning trips Knowing what your going to see when you get there. I love my job as a street view driver and wouldnt change it for the world. For all the people who have something to hide or complain about streetview go Hide and your secrets will stay safe.
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well even if google wasn't allowed to take the photos that alone would stop nothing. i mean you can't enforce making everyone not be able to take photos and often when you make a ridiculous law people will break it just out of spite
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Jim said: "I am amazed google is allowed to be so intrusive [...] We would not allow the police to take so many pictures and we would riot if the government said it was going to take so many pictures."

But Jim, the police are recording and filing live CCTV images of you in the street all the time. They have cameras in patrol cars recording everything. They have special camera units to record events and demonstrations to collect evidence for possible prosecutions. They often even have cameras bolted to their helmets. You say "we'd" not allow them to, but what have you ever done to stop it? What could you do?

By contrast, Google's pictures are single shots, weeks or months old, taken from a public place where anyone could view a scene. The depth of police intrusion is already sooo much more, there's barely a comparison.
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