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I'm pretty sure most Americans wouldn't know the great barrier reef was off of Australia, let alone which state. I wish they had more geography classes when I was doing my k-12 run.
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No school for these kids. Unless they're being taught while cycling (which probably isn't the best means of teaching) these three will be three years behind in curriculum by the time they finish.
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Anthropologists generally refer to the taxonomic ancestors and cousins of humans as Hominoids; they do not refer to them as being a new human species. If they are a subspecies, they would still be referred to as homo-sapians and not humans. The Neanderthalis a sub species of homo-sapiens, so they are formally called Homo Sapiens Neanderthalis (We are Homo Sapiens Sapiens). Since it's still unclear whether this was an offshoot of either sub-species, Hominoid would be the correct usage.
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I don't think that picture is postmortem. The rod is blurry at the top which indicates that it was moving around slightly while the picture was being taken.

I don't think any surgery today is as bad as lobotomies. The issue with gastric bypass surgery are clear, but they do not alter a person's humanity.
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The genius of this rig is the pivoting cradle. You have both gravity and the centrifugal force acting on the lava lamp, so it wouldn't be directly horizontal, but rotated slightly when you add the two vectors together.
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It will take about 7.8 million years for the time to roll back 1 hour.

This isn't actually what happens, though. The Earth goes through a lot more than just a slowing of rotation. The precession, obliquity, and tilt change much faster than that.
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Isn't coral a colony life-form rather than a single organism? I believe they are referred to as clonal colonies. Some trees have been older than 4,000 years old.
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