A "Rain of Fish" in Australia

Lajamanu, a small community in the Northern Territory of Australia, has experienced a "rain of fishes."  Hundreds of spangled perch, some frozen, some still  alive, fell from the sky onto the desert community.

Rains of fish, frogs, and other aquatic creatures have been recorded with surprising frequency throughout history.  The conventional  explanation is that  tornadoes or waterspouts scoop the creatures out of bodies of water and then transport them substantial distances before releasing them.

This is the third such event at Lajamanu in the past 30 years.  Local residents apparently have said "thanks for all the fish" and are grateful that the waterspout did not scoop up crocodiles.

Link.  Photo: NT News Newsbreaker Christine Balmer.

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Waterspouts can't pick up anything like fish. It's been debunked. Fish can jump out of water if they were so motivated, and certain ones can in fact move considerable distances on their own. People don't see the fish or frogs falling out of the sky. They see them somewhere that they don't expect them and assume that's the only explanation.

Listen to this short podcast about the phenomena real quick if you've got a few mins. Or you could just read the transcription on the page.

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"A "Rain of Fish" in Australia"

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