Woman Gives Birth Three Hours After Learning That She Is Pregnant

Doctors told Belinda Waite of Bampton, UK that she had Irritable Bowel Syndrome. After she went into labor and three hours before her daughter was born, Waite was informed that she was instead pregnant:

Miss Waite was staying with her partner Wyane Boyles, 28, when she unexpectedly went into labour.

Their baby daughter Louise Boyles was born at home weighing 8lb 14oz by Wayne's mum Syliva.[...]

On February 6th - the night before Louise was born - Miss Waite again went to hospital with pains throughout her body.

At 10pm doctors confirmed she was three months pregnant - in fact she was nine months pregnant - and Louise arrived four and a half hours later at 2.30am.

Link | Photo: Nick Irving/Daily Telegraph

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It makes me very sad that there are so many comments on here meant to provoke anger, hurt feelings, perpetuate harsh judgements and on some sick level validate a need to be right.

True there are a number of things that could have happened to show her and others like her that a pregnancy is happening. There are equally as many thing that present to say that a pregnancy is not the cause of the symptoms.

NONE OF US have the authority to create a judgment on her or on anyone else.

Yes I agree that there is an issue with nutrition and exersize EVERY WHERE in the world. Being hurtful is not tough love, it is plain out ABUSE. Just because it was done to you and you turned out "ok" does not excuse this disgraceful practice of hate.

I personally wish her, her baby, all that she loves, and yes even those of you who use hurtful words, finds loving support and health.

Who cares how it happened, its in the past, it happened, its done, move on!
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I'm sorry, but having gone through two pregnancies I can assure you there are about 100 different signs/changes in your body. If this lady couldn't pick up on any of them to give her an inkling that she was pregnant then she needs her intelligence tested.

Anyone that thinks you can easily make it through 9 months without knowing - you are as stupid as this woman. I don't care if you are morbidly obese... there are so many things that happen to your body that it is impossible not to notice. Girls who don't know they are pregnant are just stupid.
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