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It's best to avoid the internet during American Election season if you don't like seeing depressing or negative topics. Things get dark and sad.
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"Ah, these English people and their ghosts ………."

There are holidays on this planet where people expect ancestral ghost visits, and it's not in english countries.
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When I hear people complaining about how horrible Valentines Day is I usually superimpose a voice like Skeletor onto them for the duration of the whine session.

It makes life more amusing.
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Too many people in this comment section are speaking about this country like it is a golden idol held up by all Muslims.

Do some culture wading before you write up your dissertations.
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People have known that for a while, but not actual the numbers that have just been looked into. A study gives a solid backing to smack down media outlets and those with agenda's out to spread these ideas.
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This isn't much different in spirit from what I was seeing from some North American Fathers after that bizarre family rape case a couple months back.
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People have photoshopping long before one could google and yet we still get people throwing out claims of alteration without any claims of why. Can you spot embossing? Are pixels not grouped in natural formations?

Without a thought or reason it's just another annoying version of the 'me too!' and 'first!' posting sytle.
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You can't be certain a thing is a photoshop piece because there was a similar image in a comic book. There /is/ still such a thing as coincidence.

Point out warping, or shadowing, or something concrete or just leave the 'it's photoshop!' warcry to people who actually use the beast of a program and can spot and detail the specifics.
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Double entry and I am sorry for that, I just felt it necessary to add that by and large most people when taking doses of THC responsibly for pain will not get 'high' on it even if they've previously taken it recreationally. If you're in a high amount of pain the THC you ingest to get rid of the pain will not be enough to alter your state of mind. You would have to keep on smoking and then smoke some more.
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My sister sells snow to the snowbirds,
My father makes bootlegger gin,
My mother sells wine from the grapes on our wine,
My god! How the money rolls in.

Where was pots Pauline Sabine?
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