Southwest Airlines Kicks Skinny Woman off Plane to Make Room for Larger Passenger

A woman flying on standby on a Southwest Airlines flight was removed from the plane because one passenger needed two seats:

A petite Sacramento woman was bumped from a Southwest Airlines flight to make room for an extra-large 14-year-old child who required two seats.

The 5-foot-4, 110-pound woman, who was flying standby from Las Vegas to Sacramento, was buckled up and ready to go when the teen arrived late to the gate, reported the Sacramento Bee.[...]

Southwest generally requires large passengers to buy two tickets. But in this case, the child's parents had purchased only one.

Link via Say Uncle | Photo by Flickr user Cordey used under Creative Commons license

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This is exactly why kids need to stop beating each other up in buses just because they're the wrong skin color. Aside from idiots talking non-stop on their cell phones while driving, we need to also start beating up these fat fucks who pay for one plane seat but take up more than one seats on the plane. Seats aren't cheap bus fares. And fat fucks like that little shit with entitlement issues are the thugs of the damned sky!
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The incompetent dullards at Southwest Airlines should have been more concerned with the safety of the fellow passengers if they were to board on the same plane as someone whose weight is equivalent to two refrigerators and a metal Mr. Rubbishman full of bowling bowls. It's just a tragic plane crash waiting to happen. I'm guessing that the parents of Wide Load wanted to save money from purchasing for another plane ticket so they can feed Little Pork Chop seconds, thirds, and infinity at their next All-You-Can-Eat buffet night at their local Ruby Tuesday. Why must the poor world step aside or be deprived from what they pay for or what they need due to other people's pathetic and selfish life choices? I am not buying that whole "incurable disease or disorder" crap about Obesity. Yeah, that's like the same kind of excuse about homosexuals as well. No solid or concrete evidence to support that. You bleeding-heart fat-people-loving liberals make me sick!
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The kid being an unaccompanied minor has nothing to do with it. I've flown as a UM since I was 6 years old. Someone brought this kid to the airport, and this someone knows he was late, so no way that person would have left the airport before getting a text message from the kid saying "I'm sitting on the plane".
But even if that weren't the case, the airline would take care of the kid and put him on the next flight.

I've been a UM since before I could read, my best friend is a pilot's daughter, I know the standby rules. If the standby passenger had a seat number, and the luggage on board (if any), the passenger is no longer a standby.

What's more, the lady wasn't in the kid's seat, she was in another seat.

Note, the it's not that she was sitting next to him, and he needed her space (at least, I don't recall reading that anywhere). They just needed to remove one person to allow him to stay on board, and they probably figured that the best option was to boot the ex-standby. It has nothing to do with her weight or where she was sitting.

Someone pointed out that saying one's weight won't really help, I agree, but then have a statement that says "I can fit into a single seat" which needs to be checked when buying the ticket, otherwise the person will be charged extra, etc.
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I didn't know you could lose your seat after already boarding the plane. That's pretty douchey. They probably did her a favour, keeping her from an uncomfortable ride.
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