Digital Switchover Countdown

One year from now, February 17, 2009, analog TV broadcasts will cease entirely in the US. The switchover to digital systems is going on now. What do you need to know to get ready? Wired has a simple overview of who will be affected and how you can prepare yourself for completely digital TV.
Most U.S. TV stations already broadcast digital signals as well as analog. What's happening a year from Sunday is they'll switch off the analog signals. No one with cable or satellite service will be affected, nor will anyone who gets stations over the air with a newer TV with a digital tuner.

(image credit: AP/Matt Rourke)

PS: In the UK, analog TV will cease on different dates for different regions, with the last signals ceasing in 2012. -Thanks, violet/riga!

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A few points:

I think it is cut and dried. People and industry are expecting it and gearing up for it.

The Government (in the USA anyways), wants to take some TV channels for two way communications (they will auction the spectrum off, hence it is their financial interest).

Existing perfectly operable analog TVs won't become useless, that is what the convertors are for. The voucher program was devised to make it easier for the
economically disadvantaged to get a convertor to keep the free OTA TV they receive.

US OTA won't be as good as Freeview in the UK, at least to begin with.
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Yeah that's the one. Heh, thanks Miss C. But anyway, I still reject the thought of being an object of scorn because I don't fork out a bunch of money every month for Television. A Luddite? I'm a web-and-graphic designer for goodness' sake, I work on a cutting edge computer every day and my other digital projects at night - it's just that Television isn't a priority.
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