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I'm foreign (ie not American) and don't really understand what is meant by 'hipster' - Can anyone tell me whereabouts on that graph represents what is meant by hipsters?
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Oh dear.

When I saw the post requesting a new Neato-person, I noticed that there were no female characters. "What Neatorama needs," I rhought to myself, "is some totally stereotypical 'sexy-girl' thing."

I thought I was joking.
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There is a kebab shop near where I live which used to be called 'Bella Doner'. Someone must have pointed out to them that belladonna is in fact a deadly toxin, as it's now just called 'Bella Kebabs'
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I don't like the effect the queuebot has had, and after being a regular reader for twi years (ish?) now I am seriously considering deleting neatorama from my favourites and not bothering with it any more

I like the idea of a place for user generated contnent, but it shouldn't be here IMO

Kudos to Dan Fanboy BTW, for having the with to start this discussion and post it in Q-bot

To summarise - I don't like it, please make it stop
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Aha! A quick Google search later and I've found it on MegaUpload. You need to download it and open it with a RAR thingy
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"Campbell said he was raised not to avoid people of other races but not to mix with them socially or romantically. But he said he would try to raise his children differently" exterminate people of other races, and not just avoid them, presumably
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Here’s a poor shopping channel host who was only trying to sell a television on QVC UK when Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe came on!

Alex - I've fixed it some more
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Am I doing it wrong?

I put in a name and hit 'search', but no matter what name I put in, the same small group of countries were highlighted in grey

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