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Enter your family name in the World Names Profiler and find out the distribution of that name around the world. I used my maiden name, married name, and the names of several other people and got the expected results from what I know of their backgrounds -although I was surprised to find my legal last name is more common in Australia than anywhere else! I entered "Li", which is the most common family name on earth, but got no results, possibly because the statistics would be in Chinese characters. However, Alex's last name is most common in Indonesia, as expected. I used the graphic from Gerard Vlemmings (the Presurfer) as an illustration, as his name is most commonly found in the Netherlands. Link -via the Presurfer

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Funny, a few days ago I made the data of and (websites that generate maps showing the distribution and frequency of surnames in Belgium and Holland) available in Google Earth. More info here: Scroll down to introduce your name and generate an overlay for Google Earth.
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Huh! Nifty site. I tried my last name and it seems to be quite accurate. A ton of hits in India, UK, Canada, and the US. Never knew my last name was so common.
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