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We take a big risk when we try to ascribe motives or understanding to other animals.
But the story is touching, none-the-less.

An interesting exploration of the topic can be found here.

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Radio Lab did a short (15 min.) piece about this experiment.
They included what happened when they looked at the kids years later.
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This robot was discussed in "Wired for War," as an example of how the robot/human relationship may be similar to the working dog/human relationship rather than robots replacing humans in various roles.

A fascinating book that I highly recommend.

Thanks for posting the video (stanky or not).
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Not to pick nits, but Wikipedia says that the new (misspelled) movie had its title inspired by the classic, but isn't really a remake.
Take it for what it's worth.
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Maybe she was making a statement that there are some things more important to society than beauty pageants.
She couldn't very well make that statement by not entering the pageant, could she?
My hat's off to her (whether I find her attractive or not).
Teaching middle school was the toughest, most soul-crushing job I've ever had. I've got major respect for her for sticking with it.
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The redneck commentary really adds a lot. I've felt like DVDs should have a redneck commentary option since I saw Shawn of the Dead with a loose lipped redneck behind me.
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They are not horns, they're antlers. They get shed. Maybe they were off when you visited FishyHotWheels.
I was there in July and distinctly remember them hooking their antlers in the crook of my elbow to get me to give up the wafers. They watch and see who buys them from the carts and mob them.
Yes. They are indeed aggressive deer.
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