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Numbers stations have been a curiosity in my circle of friends for a few years. Fun stuff.

The Conet Project is a compelation of quite a number of numbers station recordings. Some odd and easy listening for when you're surfing the web.

Free for listening at
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I'm guessing the other commentors here are facebook users. Way to get upset about the internet on the internet.

Truthfully, I believe it. Get a bunch of horny strangers networked together, someone's bound to share a bug. When a community that's 25% more likely to use network sites has seen a fourfold increase in syphillis, I'm not too surprised.
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If it makes you feel better, the first picture in the article is from the Hackers movie. Theyed show how to hack a payphone with a tape recorder!
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A friend of mine told me about how a family in Florida had this happen to their pink flamingo yard ornament. Every week or so, they'd get a post card written from the perspective of the flamingo about its travels through Europe and Asia. All the international postage was authentic, so they knew someone was actually traveling to the different countries. After a couple months, the flamingo was returned. They never figured out who took it, but they thought it was neat. They actually started to anticipate getting the next card in the mail.
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