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This week I have had a drunk teen miss the turn onto my street and plowed over a hydrant and into my house. I also had 9 cops searching my yard a few days later after a kid they were chasing threw his drug stash around in my yard (then one cop an hour later when he found that he lost a clip). So the sound of bullets and sirens and speeding cars and arguing adults and music that uses a curse word every few seconds are all way more annoying to me.

I'll take a happily screaming child in my neighbors yard any day.
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wait, this is a new study? Its original date is a year and a half ago. I'm wondering if it is just a revision that Shannon Larratt discredited several years ago.

My opinion, people with tattoos aren't more deviant. They are only more honest. ;)
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I'm jealous. I have not been allowed to keep any of my extracted teeth. wisdom or otherwise. I was told they were bio-hazard and could not be released.

and Another Jake, is there still HS shop class anymore?
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My son requested to be an orange hand when he was 4. You know, the don't cross hand. O.o yeah too tough for mom to make so we went with his second choice... a stop sign. green sweats and a cardboard sign with shoelaces to tie the sign to his back.

now he's 16 and has been Jason for the last 5 years. :| I miss my strange creative boy.
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