Study Found Link Between Tattoos and Deviant Behaviors

Does having tattoo make you a deviant? Your mom may think so, and she's right. Well, partially anyhow. A new study of tattooed and/or pierced college students reveal the correlation between having (lots of) body art and deviant behaviors:

Aside from their use of the body as a canvas, the students were asked about various aspects of their behavior, including drug and alcohol use, sexual activity and whether they cheat on tests.

The findings revealed "sharp differences in the levels of deviant behavior among those with just one tattoo vs. those with four or more, and among those with just one to three piercings vs. those with seven or more," reports sociologist Jerome Koch, the paper's lead author. "The level of deviance reported by respondents with low levels of body art is much closer to those with none than to those with multiple tattoos and piercings, or intimate piercings."

"Results indicate that respondents with four or more tattoos, seven or more body piercings, or piercings located in their nipples or genitals, were substantially and significantly more likely to report regular marijuana use, occasional use of other drugs, and a history of being arrested for a crime," the paper continues. "Less pronounced, but still significant in many cases, was an increased propensity for those with higher incidence of body art to cheat on college work, binge drink and report having had multiple sex partners over the course of their lifetime." - Thanks Julia!

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This is the most ignorant article I have ever read. The fact that someone would single out modified individuals to study deviant behavior in is a sign that society has gotten nowhere, heavily tattooed individuals have always taken shit for everything. I have two arms full of horror movie inspired tattoos and I'm in the criminal justice field. How that for deviant?
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For many people getting tattoos is considered deviant behavior. How can a study be done on the relationship of one deviant behavior in relation to another. Why does one group get to decide what is deviant? Drinking and sex in college? Ya, that's not normal at all. The deviant is the person running around collecting the data instead of drinking and trying to get laid. That is what is normal behavior.
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"but if you were in a mall and asked to spot out someone who was a binge drinking pot-head, then your best bet would be on the guy (or girl) with heavy tattoos."

Perhaps you would, but that says more about you than it does about other people. For instance any rational person would look for the physiological signs of someone who is an alcoholic or "pot-head" and not at what these people choose to wear on their sleeves. I wonder which one of us is more likely to be correct.
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