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"Honest Hy" yields Honest Hypocrite as the first search link. Apparently a lot of people are looking for honest heating and cooling repair when I have only typed "honest h".
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Damn, if it isn't C because every single intersection on the fold out has three lines, yet the top left side of C shows a white line crossed only by one other dark green line.

Took me more than 29 seconds though.

ln(2) for the math limit one, because arctan(x) goes to 0 while sin(1/x) can only bounce back and forth widely between -1 and 1. However, the sqrt won't like the parts of the function when sin(1/x) is negative, but if sqrt(-1) is allowed and we make this a complex function you would still get to ln(2) eventually. Probably should expand the functions into Taylor series and then do the limit (maybe use L'Hopital's rule also) to get a more rigorous result. Coincidentally, It also goes to ln(2) when x goes to infinity, this time because sin(1/x) goes to zero.

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See the short story "Why Johnny Can't Speed", by Alan Dean Foster, published in 1971. It describes just this scenario with the roads given over to cars with weapons and armor to destroy each other as law enforcement abandons the roads. I read it in the short story collection With Friends Like These in the early 80's.
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In answer to Dave Hall (and Calvin above), "It's not the verbing that weirds language so much, but rather, the renounification."

The cartoon where Calvin says, "verbing weirds language", is here.

Shakespeare was Shakespeare and Palin is Palin. New words begin with a first use and verbing is one mechanism for their creation. Not every mumbled utterance becomes a neologism, however, there is a certain amount of natural selection as the new word is either adopted or rejected by the public. Given the extreme reaction of self-proclaimed grammar and vocabulary police this probably takes longer now than in Shakespeare's time.

Besides, sometime the new word is perfectly cromulent and in some cases serves to embiggen the creator.
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When we vacationed in Key West in 2004 we flew to Dry Tortugas and Fort Jefferson. I recommend the flight because you can look down and see sting rays, sharks and sea turtles in clear the shallow water on the way from Key West to the fort. The flight is part of the fun.

You left out the story of the most notorious prisoners that were held at Fort Jefferson, Dr. Samuel Mudd, and other conspirators in the Lincoln assassination. During the aforementioned yellow fever epidemic, Dr. Mudd provided such selfless care that he was eventually pardoned by President Andrew Johnson and released. You can see Mudd's cell on a tour of the Fort.

Other great sites at the fort are the lighthouse, the moat that was mentioned and there is also very good snorkeling off of the beach and near the walls of the fort. Right next to the Fort are Bush key and Long key, which are closed to the public during nesting season because of the bird sanctuary that is there.
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Don't run away. Get the shot! I guess I will just have to imagine the connection between the first scene where the truck starts to move and the next scene where it crashes into the truck down the hill.
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Yes, I see the same posts on Neatorama as I do on Boing Boing, Gizmodo, Huffington Post, digg, or reddit (add FARK to this list). Why do I visit? I suppose there is enough non-overlap that it is worth it to quickly check them out. All of these places are my news sources, quirkier than the newspapers they replaced, and thus more fun.

I keep hoping that the upcoming queue will fulfill its promise, but I suspect those folks are looking at the same stuff as everyone else.

I find that I am consuming more than blogging and have the added excitement of a new son as well. When I do post I have used Twitter to point to it. Since Twitter is community focused as well, only those who know you will look.

The blogging paradigm has altered due to its environment. There will be something to com along and replace or change it again.
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The question is almost trolling as I am certain that the more intelligent readers of Neatorama have opinions about philosophy and science fiction and perhsp have there own "list" and can easily Google or search Amazon to find that this has been done before.

Tell me how this question from this particular eye-hurting blog is neater than something else that could have filled this space?
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Typical "design" project where the "artist" proposes a concept, mocks up a design, in this case probably with a battery powered light at the top. And then talks about the imaginary things that you would need to make it an actual design. I am with Edward on not finding any reference to what they mean by "nano-dynamo", and no clear description on the website as to whether this is a mockup or an actual device.
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The sun isn't on fire? Thanks for the incredibly insulting explanation. I am really glad I saw this today so that I don't go around telling people the sun is on fire.

I have seen these types of pictures in the original hydrogen alpha red. I suppose making it blue makes it easier to pick out details, though I suspect it is less about science and more about the photographer liking the color blue.
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I can't remember an Easter when we didn't crack an egg or two and do this on purpose. My grandmother would peal eggs and then dye them to make deviled eggs because then the white would have a cool colored edge why the food coloring had penetrated.

Not sure that this is neat or different or whatever it takes to get posted here however. Mostly seems obvious.
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