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I work HOURS and DAYS to create realistic illustrations that go to print. THIS is posted as art? He may be making an illusion to the fact that his "creations" are sh*t.

This is the reason I do not frequent art houses or museums or callaborate with these pretentious butt heads.
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I know! I know!

I love the ending to "Forrest Gump". After all he has experienced and been through in his quest - his Jenny dies and it is he and his son at the end waiting for the bus to take little Forrest to school. His son gets on the bus and introduces himself to the bus driver...who I love!

It was so sweet....!
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When I was 5, I had a contest with my neighbors to see who could get the most macaroni up our nose. I won the contest and couldn't get it all out.

I had to go to the emergency room to get it all removed. Not sure how many I did get up there...but I won anyways!
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I know I already commented here....and I would really like the tickts and I am close to Pittsburgh. I just got married and we haven't planned a honeymoon yet! This would be very cool as my hubby is a musician!
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I love this website! I also like your logo, but I think your masthead could use a little bit of a redesign. Maybe something fun and funky...but that's just my artistic side speaking!
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I used to collect date nails. I have a collection stashed away, my exs father was a lineman and would bring me them when he could.

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As an artist, i am that doesn't stand with me.

What I see in the picture is disgusting, she looks worn out, like she just got if she had sex all night. The day after look. she's 15...get it? She's not of legal age yet! Yikes... girls are being taught it's OK to look trashy... Put on some clothes already!

And I don't think she was manipulated... she or her manager knew what she was doing. (Here. get naked and look at me.) Right.

I normally love Annie's work. Not this one. And people are going to wonder why the pregnancy rate in teens goes up.
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