Top Ten Things Kids Stick Up Their Noses

I don't know if these are posted in rank order or not, but they are the most common things kids tend to stick up their noses.

1. Crayons
2. Beads
3. French fries
4. Fingers
5. Marbles
6. Spaghetti
7. Tissue
8. Cheerios
9. Small toys
10. Beans and peas

Babyzone has more information, such as what you should do in each case. Link -via Bits and Pieces

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ok hi everyone...this one is very new to me i have a 7yr old boy who did not stick things etc up his nose!!! BUT i do have a 1yr old daughter and in the space of 24hrs she has put egg yolk, baked beans, walkers french fries and bits of chicken up her nostrils!!!! I had to squeeze the egg yolk and baked beans out and the french fries and chicken i have managed to catch her!!! I just know im going to be in A&E very soon!!! lol
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When I was in my "I'm going to be a sideshow performer" days I used to suck spaghetti up my nose on various occasions. The trick is to get it to come out of your mouth. I remember also attempting this with floss, but I sneezed and the floss came out of the other nostril. What the heck was I thinking?
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In Kindergarten someone had brought in a bunch of Pussy Willow Pods (flowers?); any how they looked and felt like little pieces of bunny rabbit to me: nice an soft, emmm. Well somehow one ended up my nose; think I was trying to make little Jonny Francis laugh. Well I couldnt get it out, was afraid to tell anyone...
It was several days later that Ma looked up Me nose to see what was irritating me so much. She forced me to blow it out finally. Can still smell and taste that pussy willow! And feel the whack to the side of my head too.
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