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It's not cheating if you already know, right? My granddad had one of these he took on camping trips.

It's a MuRSid - Morrow-Basen Refraction Signaling Device - much like a signal mirror but the light it casts is not easy to confuse with reflection from the sun on water. It was in limited use in the Pacific theater in WWII and was great for signaling ships across a great distance as it produced a full spectrum light wave kind of like a very bright rainbow.

Little known fact: in open ocean there are no actual rainbows. The reflection of the sky on the water actually cancels out the effect.

(except for the ones created by the MuRSid of course)

You'd be lucky to get your hands on one of these today. Very rare and exceptionally trippy.

("College" black XL)
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Bunch of grouchy old righty losers reading Neat these days. Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about you or your impotent rage.

There there. *pats angry babies on head*
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Ted, you make no sense. Nowhere was anything written about riots, skirmishes, outbreaks, eruptions, sporadic tongue lashings or anything else of that nature. So, it's not really ironic.

What's ironic is I was just sitting here, minding my own business, thinking about starting a website called idiots.com when I read this statement: "I just have to wonder why she was wearing the shirt. So she’s a lesbian - it’s almost like she’s asking to be victimized." Ironic?
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Just when you think you have a place where you finally fit in - where you and you kind are at last welcome - the only-marginally-overweight start to show up and screw it all up.
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Just then, Billy's internal soundtrack incorrectly began to play Eye of the Tiger. Rallying him for yet another "all-you-can-eat Hot-dog Day Afternoon" at the Big Belly.

Duh...tch...duh duuh duh ...tch...duh duuh duh... tch...duh duuh Duuuh!...
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Just when Reggie thought his new neighborhood had nothing to offer, no parks, no community center, no library, he rounded the corner and boom! Nirvana!
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Jared on the phone to his agent: "I just don't know how much longer I can do this, Stan, I mean just last night I had this awful dream where I was standing outside of this restaurant..."
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