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Not that it should be surprising, but I don't understand this. Just because a clock runs slower, how do we know that "time" is actually moving slower and not just the mechanisms of the clock?
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I laugh at all the people who sing the praises of totalitarian regimes with population control, and yet continue to live in more free countries.

If you are so concerned about overusing the earth's resources, then stop using them yourself.
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Regarding bug-eating plants in the garden of eden: This is somewhat speculative as well, but I think there is some question whether flies would have been considered "alive" at that time. The Bible refers to the "breath" in connection with life. Like plants, insects don't really "breathe" the way other animals do. Just one possible explanation.
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As with most evolutionary findings, the scientists present no evidence to support their story of how the plants changed from one into the other. They just assume the changes happened, then try to explain how it might have happened.

If you look at evolutionary theory objectively, the supposed proofs are not at all convincing. However, I acknowledge that evolution (little e) does happen, but Evolution (big E) does not.
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This is a bunch of crap. Cheerios is not a drug. When exactly did cholesterol become a disease?

If the FDA really feels it doesn't have enough work, they'll have their hands full with every food product making any claims about how healthy it is. Are low-fat foods intended to treat obesity? Are sugar-free foods intended to help with diabetes?

Please stop wasting taxpayer dollars on my cereal. As long as they are not lying, let them sell it free from interference.
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The US only allowed "torture" when they thought it could provide information to prevent an imminent attack. I think it is reasonable to prefer making a couple of terrorists uncomfortable rather than having thousands of people die in another attack.

It also depends how "torture" is defined and how far it would go. I would think people would be more likely to oppose cutting off limbs than to oppose waterboarding or strobe lights. The US was very strict on what types of methods could be used, and careful safety precautions were taken to prevent injury.
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If it is truly as bad as they say, the large fishing corporations will not want to blindly fish their way out of business. In the USA, some of the best conservationists are the hunters.

However I do not see anything wrong with reasonable restrictions on fishing, as long as there is adequate protection from illegal fishing. It does no good to tell the good guys to stop fishing so the bad ones can get the profit.

It also doesn't do any good to go overboard (no pun intended) to completely ban fishing for so long a period. Much of the US has way too many deer from hunting restrictions.
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Is a "troll" anyone who disagrees with the majority?

If 95% think one way on a controversial topic, and the "troll" thinks another way, that will almost always "provoke a furious reaction" no matter how respectful the post is.

One-sided blogs are generally intolerant of opposing views. They like to have their own website without input from the other side. Anyone who comes in is viciously attacked until one side gets tired of posting.

But the "troll" in this case is blamed, with almost no responsibility on the many posters who attack him.
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Contrary to what most elitists think, you can be a logical, rational, educated, intelligent, scientific-minded person and believe in creation.

Don't use this "first cause" crap. There's no "first cause" for evolution either.
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Why were people allowed to leave the store? They would have had all the witnesses they needed, and the animals who did this could be identified.

In Michigan, we actually form orderly lines to get in to the store. Apparently these shoppers are too stupid.

From a different Wal-Mart, I saw an interview with a mother complaining that the store was out of the mp3 player she wanted. She started complaining that because the economy is so bad, she had to have bargains to meet her kids' "needs".

Yes, I have heard all about those poor kids around the world who have to go without mp3 players. What an idiot.
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