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"Call me Ishmael" does nothing for me. I do, however, like "A screaming comes across the sky," and Crichton's Travels' opener, "It is not easy to cut through a human head with a hacksaw."
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My family of 6 eats on less than that a week. How the hell is that a challenge? The article would have been more interesting if it was "Can Two People Eat Out for Every Single Meal on $67 a Week?"
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Non-sensical? Hardly! Each show has a theme that has great lessons for kids (don't bite your friends, taking turns, sharing, etc.), along with catchy hooks. Any show that has Mark Mothersbaugh drawing skateboarding potato bugs is a winner in my book.
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"...the hairless, bucktoothed rodents are invulnerable to the pain of acid and the sting of chili peppers."

Whoa. What kind of tests are they running here? Just what exactly would make a rodent yelp in pain? I'm no PETA member, but doesn't that seem a little... twisted?

I could suggest a few other alternatives to these scientists... how about mace, or ground up glass shards stuffed in their eyes, or perhaps mock the size of their genitalia.
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