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Pretty common for sharks to strike on sportsmen's hooked fish as they are reeled in. They also go from boat to boat on areas where they are common in bays and inlets. Fwiw, an episode of Rivermonsters in S Africa is pretty much dedicated to this with bullshark in brackish water feeding on sportmen's catches, the sportsmen complaining about their fish 'getting away' when actually they are eaten when fighting in distress.
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fight club i think was one of the first dvd's that made use of the alternate angle feature. when you switch angels you see that there is nobody else in the car and so forth. its really quite nice (obviously after you seen the film normally)
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I can only assume that this is possible with most 'build system' websites where premium options and components are available.

Doing this on hp's server website for example would be easy, especially when adding support.
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I know someone with a F1 nose cone with wing on their wall. A Jordan, with a raised keel it looks amazing (minus that whole Jordan thing :) There are a number of people with motorcycles in their places as well. This guy is the amped out version.
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Well that sucks, sadly this is sort of a no brainer if your going to live in such places. She is lucky they have the time/fine possibilities.

The gut reaction 'zomg those savages' has little room versus 'zomg what an insult' when your obviously in a very theocratic society.
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Nice list, poor ranking. Seems like they gave everyone something and thus missed a lot. Target seeking gun? Hitlers gun?

Doctor Who: DMAT gun would have been cool imo
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