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As someone who works in the veterinary field, I have yet to meet a vet that would agree to put in neuticles. They are preposterous. Then again, I live on the East coast. Maybe it's more of a Hollywood thing?
And also, there is only one vet within a hour+ drive radius that will do ear crops; it is quite rare, and will be pretty much impossible to find anyone to perform it in the next decade as the "old school" vets retire.
I have to nitpick about talking about pain management in pets though: yes, any surgical procedure causes pain. However,in cases where people are getting pricey elective surgeries, they are also usually paying for comprehensive pain medications. (Often I think we can be better about pain management than human doctors) There are always exceptions, but I think as a group most vets insist on quality pain management.
As far as crazy clients that hand-feed their pup hot dogs or a Happy Meal, we will see them a few days later when their poor pet has developed fat-induced pancreatitis.

On the flip side, these people will usually bend over backwards to keep their pets healthy and happy, and I can jive with that just fine, as long as they don't ask me to go on the crazy-train with them :)
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Adam: This could be trouble.
Riley: We better make a fort.
Adam: I'll get some pillows.

I loved making pillow forts. My parents had that wooden "this end up" crate-style furniture with giant foam cushions that made great walls, and had an open-weave knitted blanket which was like that military camouflage netting. Except orange and brown...
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"and the lesson learned (harness, not choke collar)."

Actually the lesson learned should be "don't leave your dog (tied up?) outside unattended." Even with a harness, the dog could still potentially have serious bodily harm.

You can't prevent every type of injury, but common sense will avert most of them.
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I should print this out and put it on the fridge.

Unfortunately at my work there is no such thing as a 5-second rule: it's a veterinary hospital!
You have no idea how many things I really wanted to eat were dropped on that floor. I even cried once, because it was a fancy candy bar I'd been saving all day and when I opened the wrapper it popped out onto the floor. *sniffle* A little tapeworm wouldn't hurt me, right?!
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I don't condone what this woman did.
But seriously. I won't buy anything off eBay sight unseen, and that's for like a purse or a pair of shoes. A KID?!
You better believe I would NEVER adopt a kid without getting to know it first! That is one of the "privileges" of adopting versus just having one of your own...
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Oh sure, polydactyly is cute in cats but not in humans?

I think it is amazing.... makes you realize the power of genetics, the potential in cell engineering... all kinds of stuff.
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It's called operant conditioning. We are taught to press buttons to gt the desired effect. Later on, we don't know if the button works, but we still push it anyway.
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Glad I am not the only one who doesn't trust Hawas. Something about him just comes off like a used-car-salesman to me.

I am an avid lover of Ancient Egypt, and have been since I was a kid. I am always pleased and tickled when old theories are rejected or supported by new evidence and research. It gives me hope, knowing that just because we have studied things for a long time, we are far from knowing or understanding the full truth.
These people accomplished amazing feats, not just for their time, but even for our own time!
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is it a neat idea?

Do I want my tax dollars to pay for it?
not particularly.

I live in Baltimore, and I think I'd rather see my dollars go to fixing the bloody roads downtown than fiddling with the traffic lights...
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I think this is great. I don't eat wings very often, but when I do, I will try this method out!

Now I need to post a tutorial on how to eat crab legs (specifically snow crab legs), no picks or forks are needed! I have it down to an art...
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Honestly, I have observed many times that ethnic people with heavy accents simply choose to not speak English at a given situation. Being pulled over by a cop is a prime example. I think part of it must be a desire to slink under the radar maybe, because the officer will be frustrated with the language barrier. But I also wonder if there is also a bit of a personal pride/frustration that comes with maybe knowing some broken English, but not wanting to speak it because they might sound weird?
Or they are flustered and can't express themselves in the minimal English they might know.

I know enough German to get by, but if I were pulled over by an officer, I think I'd revert to English too. At least in Germany, I don't think they would give me a ticket.

I agree that any person who immigrates should try to learn the language and adapt. But prosecuting them is fucking ridiculous.
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Well Wit, I think part of it is because people can barely grasp the idea that they themselves will die and cease to exist. I think the lone comforting fact (other than the crutch of religion) in accepting our own mortality is that "the world will go on."
Thinking about the entire universe not continuing on is a very unsettling thought!

But you know, I think this a case where the information is nice to have for science and posterity, but not worth thinking about in your average daily life. It's a matter of relevance and perspective. I mean if I even thought about everything going on in the Middle East at this very minute, I don't think I'd be a functional person. Let alone the universe coming to an end!!!
Acknowledge the information and move along, because you can't skip out on rent and tell your landlord "well, the physicists just figured out the universe might end soon." (though it is sorely tempting to try)
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Ajan, you can buy BPAL off of eBay fairly often if they won't ship to India.

I haven't smelled Cthulhu, but I had Miskatonic University which smelled like coffee, leather, and dusty old books. It was heavenly!
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Skunks are close relatives of both ferrets and badgers. They can have their scent glands removed to make them non-explosive, but still have a musky ferrety odor. I am sure some keep them as (illegal) pets, much like lemurs and capuchin monkeys.
I met a handsome skunk at the Baltimore Zoo that was used for hands-on interactive events with kids. He was fat and totally adorable!
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Indeed this is the sort of issue I grapple with constantly. I waffle between being a "bleeding heart" liberal/socialist and a pragmatic conservative.
I think that it is worth it, for society, to help these people. By giving them a stable roof over their head, you are not only maybe reducing "costs" but you are probably also reducing local crime, especially little stuff like petty larceny, public drunkenness/exposure, etc. But there are the ethics of allowing (condoning?) self-medication with drugs/alcohol. Also at the same time I feel like giving a person something for free just because they've had it bad isn't fair.

I have battled intermittent severe depression my whole life. I have been lucky to have a very supportive family and husband who can help take care of me when things get Really Bad. But I have enough of a support system that I live a decent life that is sometimes extremely stressful and things are stretched thin. I guess I am resentful at the idea that if someone goes "all the way" to hit rock bottom, they get a handout versus other people who barely manage to keep their sh*t together must scrape by. (Similar to my annoyance that once you have a baby, you get tons of free education, etc)
BUT. I wholly believe in doing what is good for society. To be a good humanitarian and help when and where I can. So I think I can tolerate a little uncomfortableness or resentment, when it is balanced with knowing that things are getting better.

This is what ethics majors live for.
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I have such mixed feelings about this. I've been an RVT (vet tech) for over 6 years and am a year away from vet school. I have seen a lot of stuff, so I am very on the fence. (I am against ear cropping, and consider tail docking/declawing on case-by-case basis)
On one hand, I am really upset by this. It is needless cosmetic alteration for human aesthetics (like ear cropping in modern times). It is a medical risk and even with pain management, it is not comfortable for the cat.
On the other hand, this person that spent all this money on their cat is likely (not guaranteed though) to be a good cat owner, who probably will assure a good quality of life overall.
I have seen lots of people who don't even bother getting vaccines for their pets and the animals come in deathly ill and the owners say "Put it to sleep I'll just buy a new one."
So Hey, it's not the end of the world. It occurred in Moscow, which I can imagine has much more relaxed animal rights/veterinary legislation than the UK or the US.
If someone asked me to do it or help with it, I'd say hell no. But if someone gets it done elsewhere, at least I can hope they did everything they could to have as-safe-as-possible anesthesia and good pain management...
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It's interesting (and sad) that the great cats suffer the same problems as domestic cats. Renal failure is one of the major causes of disease and death in cats.

At least the jaguar was lucky enough to be euthanized and not have to suffer the slow agonizing toxic death of renal failure.
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I have been saying this for YEARS! Someone would ask me how I wanted my coffee and I'd reply, "Like Michael Jackson. It starts black but ends up white and overly sugary."

Now I have a chart to go with it! HAH!
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