The 30-Second Rule, A Decision Tree

You've just dropped food on the floor. Should you eat It? This handy flow chart will help you decide, but if you subscribe to the 10 second, 20 second, or 30 second rule, you'll have to read fast! Link -via Rue the Day

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The 5-second or 30-second rule adapted to this house (seconds are irrelevant here).

Did a cat get it before you (when it's on the floor)?
- no -> eat it
- yes -> Was it something really yummy or expensive?
- yes -> eat it
- no -> cat eats it
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I should print this out and put it on the fridge.

Unfortunately at my work there is no such thing as a 5-second rule: it's a veterinary hospital!
You have no idea how many things I really wanted to eat were dropped on that floor. I even cried once, because it was a fancy candy bar I'd been saving all day and when I opened the wrapper it popped out onto the floor. *sniffle* A little tapeworm wouldn't hurt me, right?!
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"The 30-Second Rule, A Decision Tree"

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