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Yet another example of liberalism as a mental illness. The key phrase in the article: "Mr Gold may not be a scientist".

P.S. It probably isn't doing the wildlife in the area any favors to have their environment coated in lime.
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This folk tale always disturbed me as a kid, the thought of being hypnotized or mesmerized and led to a fate might be a death or might be a magical place, since they didn't know where he took the children, only that it was to a cave or the mountain that closed up behind them.

And what struck me most was the lame child who couldn't follow and who was sad because he thought it was a beautiful place they had been taken. It seemed to me a sort of survivor's guilt that the child would live with the rest of his life.
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Texas Highways Magazine recently did an article on drive-in movie theaters in Texas. There are now 16 of them!


And their locations:
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Oh, and I don't buy for a second that this got lots of "neat" votes from the normal Neatorama community. This was obviously posted as a result of vote-spamming from strangers, so get off your high horse.

If this is the quality of material we can expect from the Upcoming Queue, then Neatorama is doing its fans no favors by implementing it for the front page, and UQ should probably be kept in its own separate section.
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Rocky, a film should stand on its own without requiring the audience to know the production backstory. If that was so important to ward off criticism of a very reasonable kind by the posters here who naturally assumed that "award-winning" meant film festivals, then the poster should have explained the situation in the Neatorama entry.

Even so, I don't understand what warranted a mediocre student film being posted on Neatorama at all, regardless of the circumstances surrounding its making.
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Uh, nice "plan". I'll be more impressed if they can interview him AFTER he does it.

And I plan intergalactic domination, think that's enough to get me an interview with Julie Chen?
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It occurred to me that the guy may have a brain tumor or some kind of mental aberration. Not intelligence related, but some kind of perception disorder of the type described by Oliver Sacks in his books.
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