Man Plans To Jump From Helicopter And Land Without Using Parachute

Jeb Corliss has leaped from buildings and other places in a single bound. Now, he plans to do it without the aid of a parachute.

Corliss, who is a base jumper, has made jumps in 16 countries and five contents, more than 1,000 in all, from the likes of the Eiffel Tower and Golden Gate Bridge.

His latest venture is trying to jump from a helicopter and land without using a parachute.

Corliss says he'll wear a wing suit, which makes him look like a flying squirrel. He plans to landing on a specially designed runway he designed. It will cost up to $2 million. Once he gets the funding for his project, he says it could take up to four months to actually pull off.

He added, "A wing suit, basically, is fabric that goes between your arms and between your legs and it changes the shape of your body. So you become, in essence, a flying squirrel.

He explains that he plans to land on his belly, suggesting, "Imagine an aircraft -- aircraft don't land on their tails, they land on their bellies. That's exactly what I'm gonna become. I'm gonna become an aircraft' I'm gonna be landing on my belly.

Why in the world would Corliss try this?

"I wouldn't I'm doing this because I'm a thrill-seeker. I'm a person who has dreams and my life is based on making those dreams come true. And that's what I focus on."

Source: CBS News
Video: Breitbart

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Uh, nice "plan". I'll be more impressed if they can interview him AFTER he does it.

And I plan intergalactic domination, think that's enough to get me an interview with Julie Chen?
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It would be interesting to know what his glide angle is- how many feet he goes forward for every foot down. That's what will determine how smooth his landing will be.
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Wasn't there an earlier post on Neatorama about those guys in the wing suits? I am not brave enough to do it in real life, so I can only imagine what that is like, and it looks like it would be GREAT!
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