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A galvanic pile is a series of alternating metal plates separated by an electrolyte. Such constructions will produce electricity and are an early form of battery.

Electrons travel from one type of metal to the other while atoms of metal travel in the opposite direction. If the electricity is drained very slowly, good piles can last a long time and will continue to provide electricity until one type of metal is completely used up.

No new science here, just a very efficient "motor".
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These might be odd, but not out of line for the companies asking them. Some require an ability to quickly develop algorithms. Others are about management style. A few are simply about your ability to say 'I don't know."
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Do they have experience getting drunk? Do they know what being drunk is like? Was there an independent observer or are we to trust the observations of people who would waste that much vodka trying to get their feet drunk?

Did it cure athlete's foot? What if it was done in a sauna? How about the use of accelerants like DMSO or olives?
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I have seen that roof fully collapse with the weight of snow. I had thought it was designed to do just that. This is much worse. There is a hole that is going to be really tough to repair.
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