Grandfather Drove Around Lost for Days

Seventy-two-year-old Mohammed Bellazrak dropped his wife off at the airport on December 23rd with no problem, but became disoriented in the snow as he was driving home to Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England from Gatwick airport. He should have made it home in a couple of hours. When he didn't, his relatives contacted police. Sergeant Jo Spencer tells about the investigation.
"We contacted other forces with no success and then asked for the ANPR systems to be activated to see if anyone spotted the number plate CF53 BHE, the car in which Mr Bellazrak was known to have been when he left Gatwick for the 70 mile journey home.

"We were surprised to discover that ANPR cameras had recorded him in Bracknell, Wokingham, Burnham and High Wycombe - all presumably attempts at finding his way from Gatwick to Wiltshire.

"The last ANPR 'hit' we had showed him at about 6pm on Christmas eve in Hiugh Wycombe but then the trail went cold again," she added.

On Christmas day, a CCTV camera recorded his license plate number in Oxford, where police were able to flag him down. He was reunited with his family. It is not yet known whether Bellazrak drove around the clock or stopped at night. Link -via Arbroath

(Image credit: Flickr user Jeff Van Campen)

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As a 50-something, I found that idea a little funny as well. But most 80-somethings could use at least an eye test.

This guy? He's such a typical man -refusing to ask for directions.
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There's something up here, I mean why didn't he phone somebody? But take his licence away? Whatever happened to innocent until proved otherwise? The guy was obviously driving well enough since he didn't have an accident or get pulled for any offences. You can't take somebody's licence away for not breaking the law you know.

As for testing people over 50. That's hilarious and clearly a post written by a young person who would, upon reaching 50, be indignant were they to be subjected to any form of senility test. Furthermore many, many times more accidents are cause by young drivers than by old. Unfortunately the authorities are not allowed to test anybody under the age of 25 for being an irresponsible dickhead. Maybe it's Darwinian selection that all the dickheads kill themselves before they reach 25 that means that older drivers are much safer or maybe these morons do learn their lesson eventually.
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Great that he was found, but there's a whole Big-Brother creepiness to being able to find someone wandering around England by license-plate scanning cameras..
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