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looks like a lint filter from an old washing machine.
the water would flow over this and all the fluffy stuff and tissue paper would gather on it.
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i believe its called a rope wrench and it is used to separate the strands of yarn being twisted into rope then moved up the rope to allow the strands to lay up into rope.
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gee thats a puzzler isnt it.
i think it could be a door bell or a buzzer
if the bar in the middle pivots {looks like it might]
running an ac curent through the electrodes might make it swing and ring the bell like thingy on the top.
if the ends of the bar were wrapped in wire id say thats what it was but no wire.
hmm maybe a soleniod
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iv`e never seen anything like it but i think you fill ii with hot water and use it to warm up an arthritic finger joint.
but it was made in springfeild so who knows .
ask homer.
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yup looks like a hydrometer to me too.
used of course to measure specific gravity of a liquid.
the thermometer on the tank is to allow for corrections due to temperature.
of course it might be a steam punk style coffee machine .
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the phenomenon we are seeing here is just thin ice being blown onto the shore or being pushed by thicker ice moving into the bay.
the language does sound a little strange.
im from newfoundland and the language they are speaking is english.
the accents are a little thicker than average but the worse is the terrible distortion caused by the compression in the video and by the wind blowing on the mic.
dont ask me to do a full translation tho the sounds just too bad.
i have seen a better version of this somewhere and it didnt sound so bad.
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