Frozen Waves.

Newfoundland Frozen Waves - Watch more free videos

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This is what it will look like when global cooling takes hold and the glaciers start to gain ground again.

Keep in mind that all of the man made particulate in the atmosphere (aka smog) reflects more energy than the minuscule amount of CO2 produced could ever hold in. If it weren't for the amazing increase in sun spot activity over the last 10 years the planet would be cooling instead of warming.
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the phenomenon we are seeing here is just thin ice being blown onto the shore or being pushed by thicker ice moving into the bay.
the language does sound a little strange.
im from newfoundland and the language they are speaking is english.
the accents are a little thicker than average but the worse is the terrible distortion caused by the compression in the video and by the wind blowing on the mic.
dont ask me to do a full translation tho the sounds just too bad.
i have seen a better version of this somewhere and it didnt sound so bad.
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that's a pretty amazing phenomenon. my real question though is, are they speaking some kind of canadian click language? is that newfie french or newfie english? i know there was once a newfoundland gaelic dialect but supposedly that's pretty much extinct. truth be told though that's what their speech sounds like to me.
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