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As Cartier-Bresson often observed, a great photo document is one that is taken at the decisive moments. There are certain photographers on that list who clearly believed the same thing. There are, however, others on the list who were prone to carefully posing their subjects. To me that isn't photojournalism - photojournalists should capture what is real. Posing a shot is no more journalism than inventing a story. London bus found on moon, anybody?
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No Bayer sensor will ever get close to Kchrome rendering no matter how you post process. However if you happen to have a Sigma DSLR you can get surprisingly close with virtually no post processing.
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Don't I recall some British female celebrity doing something similar in the seventies to get publicity for her waining career?

Of course these days it's much simpler, she could just appear on a so called celebrity reality show.
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There's something up here, I mean why didn't he phone somebody? But take his licence away? Whatever happened to innocent until proved otherwise? The guy was obviously driving well enough since he didn't have an accident or get pulled for any offences. You can't take somebody's licence away for not breaking the law you know.

As for testing people over 50. That's hilarious and clearly a post written by a young person who would, upon reaching 50, be indignant were they to be subjected to any form of senility test. Furthermore many, many times more accidents are cause by young drivers than by old. Unfortunately the authorities are not allowed to test anybody under the age of 25 for being an irresponsible dickhead. Maybe it's Darwinian selection that all the dickheads kill themselves before they reach 25 that means that older drivers are much safer or maybe these morons do learn their lesson eventually.
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I never said any "real" religion was valid. My comments had nothing to do with religion at all. My comments referred to her belief that she uses "Jedi mind tricks" when interviewing suspects.

This appears to me to be delusional, because Jedi mind tricks are a fictional construct (and feel free to point out that the bible is a fictional construct, if that makes you happy). If she believes she can really do that then she's delusional.

Furthermore she doesn't seem to believe in what the films tell us. Obi Wan uses a Jedi mind trick to convince the stromtroopers that those are not the droids they are looking for. If that's what Jedi mind tricks can do then surely she can make the suspects say and indeed believe anything she wants them to. So she could make a completely innocent suspect confess to a crime they hadn't committed and even make them believe they had committed the crime. Not what I'd call good policing.

Even if she does believe she can use a mind trick to make suspects tell the truth then that goes beyond what is allowed in interviews and as such would make any evidence gathered in this way invalid. So *if* she does believe all of that then she would also believe herself to be guilty of misconduct in public office at the very least, possibly even perverting the course of justice.

I have heard of more than one officer being told that their religious beliefs must not in anyway impact upon their conduct at work. They were told that the only thing they could rely upon was the law. Why should believing in all this Jedi stuff be any different.
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I don't know about alcohol, but there's an old tale that if you put slices of onions in your socks in the morning your breath will smell of onions by lunch.

Never tried it myself.
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Lets all remember that when you play the tune of the star spangled banner you're really playing To Anacreon in Heaven. An old English drinking song. Don't set too much significance by tunes.
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