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There needs to be a study on why so many amateur sci-fi writers use the name "Jonas" in their stories. Was it all the crap 70s sci-fi shows that also used "Jonas" for aliens/men from another world?
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The girl in red had the most fascinating...eyes. Yes, eyes. I was enthralled. I also understand there was singing and dancing and timely social commentary in there somewhere. I think. Sorry, what?
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I'm struggling with this one. It looks obvious on the surface but from her perspective she was indeed reporting a theft. They refused her refund when they didn't have what she wanted. I know it sounds ridiculous but as I sit here I don't know what I would have done in the same circumstance. I'll be damned though if I would have accepted something else when told the sale was final. Would I just have walked out the door? Absolutely not. Who do you turn to within McDonald's? How do you reach them on the spot? Would I have found a police station to report a crime? What if I didn't know where the local police station was? Am I thinking rationally when I'm bent out of shape over McNuggets?

(And for the record - Wendy's has much better nuggets.)
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Yep, that's the name of the song. I added it to iTunes shortly after seeing this video the first time a few weeks back. (and didn't I see it here then?)
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I will second the Cadbury Curly Wurly for those looking for a Marathon Bar substitute. I tracked these down for a friend several years ago and he said they're essentially the same thing. They're from the UK so here in the USA I find them at imported food stores. You can also order them through Amazon I believe but they melt very easily so you have to be careful.
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Math is not my strong suit but 300 feet in three seconds is 68.18 miles per hour. So the Indo-Pacific Sailfish has been clocked at 68 miles per hour and can sometimes go even faster - 68.18 miles per hour!
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