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To Mr. E, Rob, and Frau:

I'm wondering if someone is forcing you to read these posts. If you don't like them and if they're such "a waste of time and space", why don't you simply skip them over? Why do you take your such valuable time to read them AND comment on them?

What's a waste of time and space, in my opinion, is your negative comments.
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Perhaps the Domephone should be a requirement for all drivers. That way some of us won't have to die of a head-injury from an accident caused by those who can't talk and drive!

Thank you so much, Steve for all the wonderful posts.
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I thought I'd second Miss Cellania's comment to Ric (commenter #4), but Paul (#10) beat me to it. :)

Steve: Thanks again for exercising our imaginations, and a qucik question... Any possibility for a solar paneled roof to power the appliances and perhaps even the engine of the RLV?
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Thanks again Steve, for another set of ingenious ideas!

I think these are much more reasonable concepts than our ongoing and ever increasing obsession with building cities and towns in areas that are below sea-level.
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I like the 'Hide-a'shower'. If Steve could design kitchen appliances to fit in that couch, that would be most of one's necessities in a single couch!

That's a challenge for you, Steve. :)
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1. I LOVE and look forward to Steve's MoP postings. I have never understood people who wish to ban everything that they don't like/understand.

2. Steve: I think the Turn-Signal-Apparel is particularly ingenious! I'm tired of people(wherever their attention is) running into me in hallways!

3. John P (comment #1): I agree 100% with your mean and twisted "lead inserts for the yoke-case" idea!! Love it! :)
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Great! I love this concept! I suppose my 10 years old, pretty dinged-up car can pass for a brand new model? :)

Mie: I completely agree with you, and was thinking of the exact same thing. Faded, ripped-up jeans.

Steve: If you run for office, I'd vote for you!! :)
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My favorites are the Easy-Tip table, and Roto Task.

We do have "people chow". It's called cereal. It's my number one reason for getting up EVERY morning, and my evening meal as well at least once or twice a week!
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Did you just have a bad day, or do you always respond to everything you don't like or necessarily agree with in such a delightful manner? I'd love to see you browse a bookstore shelf and witness your reaction every time you came across something you didn't like.

I wonder if Microcube refers to the size of your brain!
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