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Humor is part of humanity, and by that very nature, also part of civilization. Even folk of ancient times understood humor.

Those who fail to take a joke for what it is, perhaps have that part of humanity and civilization missing in themselves.

My sincere sympathies to those.
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My previous car (in the mid and late 90s) was a tiny Honda Civic hatchback, and several times in morning rush-hour traffic of the 405, I had fantasized about a periscope... Eventually however, I settled for the more available solution of the day - a Jeep!

Ingeniously innovative and quite hilarious solutions, as usual, Steve! :)
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To Commenter No. 3 (Michael 'No' Moore):

You're suggesting that a blogger's postings be not featured anymore because in your opinion "they're not neat" and they're "horrible inventions"???

If you can't appreciate art/satire/humor... there is an option of a concept known as "moving along". Just because something is not for you doesn't mean it shouldn't be in existence. Just like no one can and should ask you to stop making any comments because they don't like your comments.
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This is to the Website manager(s).

Is it possible to have the MUSEUM OF POSSIBILITIES graphic ad (or icon) back on the front page?

It's becoming increasingly difficult to access Steve's postings.

Thank you.
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Truly ingenious, Steve! I'm particularly impressed with the pop-up shower stall in the trunk of a two-door family vehicle. If you can find a way to throw in a cooking area somewhere (perhaps the passenger side), we might surely be looking at the future of real estate for most of our generation. Assuming that we'll be able to afford even that, that is.
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I personally would prefer to see people sporting shredded "cutting edge" office wear (as hilariously ridiculous as the concept is) to the disgusting sagging pants exposing half of their underwear (thankfully - because it could be a lot worse) that seems to be the style these days of some young, and not so young men and women. Not to mention , of course, the accompanying gait (perhaps to keep the pants from falling to the ground?)

A question: Does the fact that a concept may be creative but not funny (to some people) mean that it's "depressing" and "utter nonsense"?
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What's more amusing than Steve's "Inventions" is the inability of some of the readers to realize that Steve has been working on these ideas (and publishing them!) since the 1980s - as he clearly states in the narrative. George Costanza's sleeping under his desk in the early 1990s can only be considered an original concept in the BIZARRO World! Seinfeld again??
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Simply, ingenious!

Keep them coming, steve!

I must say, though, that I'm quite astonished at the number of people who can't get a joke even when they're told it's a joke!!
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