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Gnarls, Nimic has been removed from the OTM list for the "Mothers basement" rebuttal, you have now taken that spot. Simply for hoping in a hopeless time. Haha.
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Ironically Nimic, I am also a mechanic. There are several different time zones. Eastern in this case, so it was 6:56 AM. I work 7:30 to 5 or later to make sure your mail gets to you (My attempt at a shameless plug, you can thank me in later posts.). Either way, I didn't mean to sound so brash, and I'll apologize for that, but don't snuff the fun out of things. A turn of phrase is nothing but a cheap chuckle. The brighter colors of this English language that is becoming more and more drab.

Kudos on your job though, as they say, "Do something you love and you'll never work a day in your life." just lighten up a little. There are far better ways to get your point across. I for one truly thought bats were of poor sight. So I did take something from your post.
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Congratulations on being my pompous jerk of the month.
I protest your ignorance and willingness to fire of at innocence. I assure you no bats were harmed in the writing of that paragraph. In fact, unless your rehabilitation program includes teaching them to read and write English, they're not even worried about it.

Should I stop saying "Dumb as a mud fence" to end the suffering of mud fences every where? I think you're as worthless as a white crayon. Nice career choice by the way, I bet you've been itching at the chance to let everyone know your profession in a forceful way.
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The park officials had the turtle wired with GPS to track its movements. My best guess is that they were checking up on it in the field on a daily schedule. One day they went looking for it and found it in the middle of said field.
Sadly, regardless of where you are, such a crime can get you charged on both the state level and a federal level.

DC laws as follows; Cultivation Or Sale, Any amount felony, Time up to 5 years, Fine of up to $50,000.

Within 1000 feet of school or other specified area felony, double time penalty, double fine penalty.

Sale or Cultivation

Less than 50 kg felony 5 years $250,000

50 to 100 kg felony 20 years $1,000,000

100 to 1,000 kg felony 5 - 40 years $2,000,000

1000 kg or more felony 10 years - life $4,000,000

To a minor felony double penalty double penalty

Within 1,000 feet of a school, or other specified areas felony double penalty double penalty

So yeah, this dude is done.
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I notice it says nothing about passing it to someone else, and from what I take, it's only neutralized as long as the patient continues said therapy. Why would they want to cure it anyway? It's a billion dollar a year industry, and to big wigs, that's all the public really is. A dollar sign.

Awful nerdy, but if you replace the energy production plot in the matrix with monetary production, it all hits home a lot harder...
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It's just a shell. No glass, interior, or engine and drivetrain. Granted even at what I estimate to be 800 or so pounds, it's still a feat. Not as impressive as it could be though...
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Turn tables have always been playable as an instrument. Kinda like a premade loop if you will. While the "Controller One" will add a new dimension to this, I really don't see to many people that use turn tables using it very effectively. Even The Ruckazoid who is playing it in the video had trouble with timing. Not to mention that his "Synth" or keyboard playing abilities are terrible, at least in this video. I'd take a keytar over this anyday...

Now this guy, while it seems very crude is using regular turn tables as an instrument as apposed to just scratching.
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I think it's funny how they show all these silhouette commercials with people holding the iPod at arms length, or flailing about wildly with it clipped to their belt. In reality, the ear buds included are not even long enough to reach ones pants pocket without pulling them out of your ears. That and the fact that not even 3 months after receiving a $450.00 shipped 60gig 5th gen, they come out with a $350.00 shipped 80gig that replaced the 60gig. Apple is a bunch of douche bags...
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