Busted ... by GPS Turtle!

Bad idea: growing marijuana.
Really bad idea: growing marijuana on U.S. park land
Neatorama worthy: getting busted by a turtle equipped with a GPS tracking device.

You might call him a pint-sized crime fighter. A box turtle equipped with GPS helps police nab a suspect growing marijuana in Rock Creek Park.

Just south of the DC/Maryland line, a turtle wearing a GPS device for research purposes makes an amazing discovery. "The ranger in charge of the program discovered the turtle in the middle of a marijuana field," Sgt. Robert Lachance of the U.S. Park Police says. [...]

Growing marijuana on U.S. park land is never a good idea, and it's illegal. So U.S. Park Police set up surveillance. Sgt. Lachance says, "We soon discovered we had a culprit who was actively working the field."

Link - via bioephemera

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The park officials had the turtle wired with GPS to track its movements. My best guess is that they were checking up on it in the field on a daily schedule. One day they went looking for it and found it in the middle of said field.
Sadly, regardless of where you are, such a crime can get you charged on both the state level and a federal level.

DC laws as follows; Cultivation Or Sale, Any amount felony, Time up to 5 years, Fine of up to $50,000.

Within 1000 feet of school or other specified area felony, double time penalty, double fine penalty.

Sale or Cultivation

Less than 50 kg felony 5 years $250,000

50 to 100 kg felony 20 years $1,000,000

100 to 1,000 kg felony 5 - 40 years $2,000,000

1000 kg or more felony 10 years - life $4,000,000

To a minor felony double penalty double penalty

Within 1,000 feet of a school, or other specified areas felony double penalty double penalty

So yeah, this dude is done.
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I know if I was that park ranger, I would've thanked the turtle and not called a damn soul. Too bad about the plants.. I bet they got dug up and salted.

Still, kind of silly to grow illegal plants on government land... -_-
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