The Controller One Turntable

Is it a turntable or a synthesizer? This new turntable called "The Controller One" is the first instrument that allows DJs to actually play music (rather than just "scratching.")

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] | Product page at Vestax - Thanks Blazer!

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h8 said he had trouble with timing? hmmmm i believe this was all improvised, if there's no routine, then there's no mess up! i'd really like to see u freestyle this clean like it was planned..find another video on youtube, good luck...
squid said it's not a new instrument, it's a new feature? i guess adding 61 new keys to a piano that original had one key isn't a new instrument, its a new feauture?hmmmm....
meunester is a hater... dood, if you can't find any positive information from that video, you sir, are a sad person.....
jake, it's both styles of playing, if you watch his hands, he switches the notes... it's not so obvious of what he's cuttin and what he's pitch changing... i think that's dope!
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...and by someone i mean alex.

i dare you to watch these videos and then say these gentlemen arent "playing" music, these djs arent musicians, and turntables arent instruments.

kid koala-
dj swamp 96 dmc-
qbert playing drums-

but then again, you may not have the eyes to see or the ears to hear.
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This bored me. I was unimpressed after sitting through the repetitiveness of this mediorce DJ. that beat is awful and bland. He does not have the skillz to pay the billz.
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"The Controller One Turntable"

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