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There is no way those shoes can be walked in. But, if art is meant to shock, they did their job. I was a bit startled when I saw them. I believe it is called cognitive dissonance.
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If you're into that kind of thing, this would be great. Looks very gory. Me, I'll just take the regular sheet or layer cake. That's all I can handle.
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Have you heard of Cheryl Kilodavis? Her young son, Dyson, loves to dress up like a princess. She and her husband could have tried to force him into the stereotypical boy role, but they wanted Dyson to be a happy child so they let him be himself. She wrote a book about it called "My Princess Boy".

It has been quite the media cause celebre.

You can't force these things.
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The Wonder Writer

Because it would be a wonder and wonderful to actually communicate with the dentist at such a time.

However, what I usually want to say is that I completely disagree with his politics and he should keep his stupid opinions to himself. I'm sure I would not say that while sharp objects are in my mouth.
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These people better think long and hard before doing away with the caps lock key. Who do they think they are? It may not be used as much as it once was, but when we need it, WE NEED IT!
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