Say Goodbye to the Caps Lock Key

The new Google Cr-48 notebook doesn't have the standard Caps Lock key you see on other keyboards. Is this the beginning of the end of Caps Lock?
Caps Lock had its uses back in the olden days. Some of the earliest computers were business machines, used to input product keys and other strings of letters and numbers that often included all caps. Some of the first programming languages, like FORTRAN and Basic, were composed entirely in caps. (They didn't always require Caps Lock, mind you—a lowercase a would often automatically show up as A.)

By the 21st century, Caps Lock had become an outdated scourge. Modern-day personal computing—surfing the Web, writing school papers, chatting online—doesn't require nearly as much capitalization. As of 2010, the most-common Caps Lock users are enraged Internet commenters and the computer-illiterate elderly.

Will anyone miss this key when it's gone? It won't make a bit of difference to me, as Caps Lock is one of three keys on my keyboard that don't work anyway. Link -via Bits and Pieces

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People who say the Caps Lock key is useless are usually English speakers who don't think other people exist.

On French keyboards, the line with the numbers actually has letters and symbols like &é"'(-è_çà)=, to get to the numbers you need to shift. When writing a sequence of over 3 numbers on my laptop I ALWAYS Caps Lock.

In Hebrew, in addition to the letters like ??????? we can also add various dots and lines to actually have vowels. Those symbols can be added only once Caps Lock is activated and then pressing shift again and reach for the numbers line: ??????????????
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I got a tiny program in the background that disable the CapsLock key when windows starts and my Mk I G15 keyboard has a nice big on-off switch for the windows keys. I'm fine with having a choice.
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The Cap Slock key, as we all know, was named for the first solo circumnavigator of the globe, Captain Slocum. It would be very disrespectful to his memory to remove his key.
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