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So the way the job market is going, pretty soon prison will be considered a viable career option. (Judging from the number of US prisoners, maybe it already is.)
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Once something is removed from your body, doesn't it legally become the property of the hospital? If so, she may have little to say about it.
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When LOTR came out, four of us went with pre-booked tickets. But the theater had changed the times, so we were the only folks to show up. The manager came over and gave us the choice of free tickets for another time or a private showing. We opted to have the movie shown just for us - no ads. He even asked us how loud we wanted it! Pretty cool; alone in the theater for a major movie right after it came out.
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Sounds similar to the old legend of railroad tracks being related to Roman chariots.
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How many jobs are created in the field of robot design, manufacture, and maintenance? Mind you, I suppose they are all in China and Japan...
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Snarlz is right, mouth-feel is a limiting factor. For an example, try eating a tomato sandwich after the tomato has made the bread a soggy mess. Not the same, is it?
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A friend called a horse psychic to diagnose her horse's ailment. The psychic had her point the phone handset towards the horse (about 300' away) while she diagnosed it. Cost her about $90. Don't bother asking if it worked. P.T Barnum was right.
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Jemaine - Remember the old joke... "When you get to what I want, just throw it over here."
(waits for pictures to appear in
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Years ago a co-worker was asked by his neighbor to fill out his income tax because he couldn't read. Neighbor was a mail sorter who had leaned to recognize the names of towns on the envelopes.
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In Canada (and Britain), there are still vestiges of Imperial - dimensions (yard size, house size, most lumber) are in feet, etc. But ask a kid what a mile is, or Fahrenheit degree is, and they give you a blank stare. It will take generations to fully switch. In the US, isn't most manufacturing (what's left) in Metric? I'm thinking of car fasteners, for example.
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Must be for low-voltage lines. Power lines don't have insulation, so don't need a knife blade to pierce them. Not to mention a high-voltage line will fry you.
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I've always wondered how often Dragon's Den gets it wrong and disses a money-maker. Not that I think the wine idea is any good due to packaging waste.
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