Man Tries to Build Telegraph from Scratch

Jamie O'Shea is a conceptual artist. We've previously featured his bed, which is designed to be used standing up. More recently, he became interested in the role of knowledge in developing our technological civilization. Is knowledge alone enough, or are we dependent upon tools made by others? To find out, O'Shea decided to build a telegraph completely from scratch -- including the tools -- using only what he found in a New Jersey forest. At the link, you can watch a video of his attempt.

Link via Slashdot | Artist's Website

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I'd love to know the rationale and logic in his single person time machine. It sounded like it could be something really awesome and thoughtful, until he proved himself to be a twit. Ah well, the joys of VBS,tv.
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I thought this was going to be cool, but then realized that everything this guy does is just pseudoscience and his "inventions" are little other that novelty sculptures. However, the way he speaks of them makes me believe that he thinks his "inventions" are in fact functional and real. For example: his time machine.

This guy is a hack, kind of a fraud since he really didn't even make a telegraph, and not Neatorama worthy.
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"... using only what he found in a New Jersey forest." Good luck with all those dead mobsters, empty bottles of bronzer, and used condoms. I can only assume his first message on his home-made telegraph will be "Get me out of this s*ithole!"
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