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I have to get one of these!!! (The original toy, not the hamster hack). I can only find the Japanese original supplier (Gakken). Does anyone know if there is a north American distributor/knockoff?
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I honestly don't understand twittering and tweets- or to be more accurate, what the point is. I guess it's like the status in facebook? Except that it is to and from cellphones?
If so, yes, it sure will be replaced by something else- soon.
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Nobody is saying this is a perfect idea. However, it is novel and courageous, and I am blown away by its effective simplicity. I hope this grows wings, Ms. Froud deserves a medal.
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About 5 years ago, I sensed something was amiss. As a construction worker, I was appalled at the level of waste deemed to be "normal". I quit work and went back to school to become an architect. I'm not saying that I knew this was coming, but I did sense that it couldn't go on that way.
I am not holding my breath for finding employment, but I am finding a niche in consulting with homeowners to assess their energy efficiency for existing homes, counseling to make smart moves for additions and renovations. It's looking like my intuition has served me well. Time will tell if this continues.
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I think Les Krantz has a lot to learn about what genuine job satisfaction! Many of the things he lists as negative traits- lifting, bending, crawling are not only fun but vital to life! Sedentary is not necessarily a good thing, desk workers report more chronic back pain than construction workers! His ranking system does not include happiness, job satisfaction, all the things that really matter.
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Yes, like others who wrote in, I am grateful that you mentioned the social security system, however I think it's a pity you did not mention fractional reserve banking:
that's the money in your pocket and bank account, money conjured up out of thin air. It used to be real and backed until 1971 when currency as we know it became disconnected from the gold standard.

This without question, is the largest and longest running Ponzi scheme in history.
Learn more at
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Really, is it a slow news day? My wife and I do that all the time, and it's not necessarily because we're poor. And we don't mooch off of others. If we weren't counting groceries and rent, we'd never get anything. We're saving up to buy a house- that will be our big ticket item.

How sad that this is what constitutes a big accomplishment these days.
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I love it! I like the idea more than the product, no need to buy that particular one, but anything that popularizes turning down the thermostat has got to be a good thing.
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pshhhhhhhhhht! that's not news! I'm sure there are many "compleatorama"s (my vote for fave moniker) out there. Although I haven't quite done it myself, I'm almost there, have only half of 2006 left to read. I even made a catalogue of my favourite pages, with descriptions!

You should do a survey, see how many people have read the whole thing. Personally, I tried to do it only because I thought that you would be purging the oldest ones, which would be tragic, stopped only when I realized it wasn't necessary, go back to my list whenever I have time....thank you by the way for keeping it all!
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I already reached my personal limit about a year ago. I managed to cut my driving time down to about 1/20th what it used to be. The general public, I don't think has a limit, there is always somebody with more money than common sense. I think that most people, the median, will finally fully awaken around the $8 mark, and demand better rail and bus service, but there will always be people who will spend their last penny on what they consider their god given right: driving.
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