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I know that we have a lot of regular daily readers here on the blog, but I've always wondered how many of you actually have read all of Neatorama. You know, click on the "Next Page" link on the end of the page until you've reached the blog's very first post.

It's a daunting task - we have over 16,370 posts as of the time I wrote this entry. At Neatorama's long page of 30 posts, that's nearly 550 pages full of goodness!

Well, it turned out that at least one of you did. Here's an email sent to us by Neatorama reader Mitch Wilson of Hungry Hollow Art (That's Mitch and the missus on there yonder photo):

My name is mitch and stumbled upon your site by accident while reading a story on my yahoo home page, I think it was about hoaxes. Anyhoo, I found your archives on the web and worked my way through all 546 pages. It has taken me a little over 2 months in my spare time to complete, sometimes as much as five or six hours in a sitting. A very addicting site indeed! I am now registered and get updates when you post them, just to see what you dig up next. An awesome site that my two sons and myself have really enjoyed, well except for my sore backside from hours of scanning hypnotizing post in my chair.

Thanks for letting us know and sorry about the backside, Mitch!

PS. What should we call such a schlep anyways? Neatoramaddiction? NeatoramAtoZ?

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I've read it all. I think I read all of the archives at some point last year. Since then I've had to check the site daily in order to keep up! I'm hooked!
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I've read it all too and it has provided me with many hours of entertainment at work. It's the first thing I do every morning during the week so Mondays are the best!
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I didn't think it was such a big deal, i mean I read all of Neatorama's posts abour 6 monts ago, when i discovered it ( it took me like a month), then all of boing boing, then all of cracked, then all of college humor.....
Its just something thas i have to do when i find someting that i like........

Am I a freak?
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