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Reading All of Neatorama

I know that we have a lot of regular daily readers here on the blog, but I've always wondered how many of you actually have read all of Neatorama. You know, click on the "Next Page" link on the end of the page until you've reached the blog's very first post.

It's a daunting task - we have over 16,370 posts as of the time I wrote this entry. At Neatorama's long page of 30 posts, that's nearly 550 pages full of goodness!

Well, it turned out that at least one of you did. Here's an email sent to us by Neatorama reader Mitch Wilson of Hungry Hollow Art (That's Mitch and the missus on there yonder photo):

My name is mitch and stumbled upon your site by accident while reading a story on my yahoo home page, I think it was about hoaxes. Anyhoo, I found your archives on the web and worked my way through all 546 pages. It has taken me a little over 2 months in my spare time to complete, sometimes as much as five or six hours in a sitting. A very addicting site indeed! I am now registered and get updates when you post them, just to see what you dig up next. An awesome site that my two sons and myself have really enjoyed, well except for my sore backside from hours of scanning hypnotizing post in my chair.

Thanks for letting us know and sorry about the backside, Mitch!

PS. What should we call such a schlep anyways? Neatoramaddiction? NeatoramAtoZ?

I believe that the correct term for that is "having way too much time on one's hands."

(Says the guy who reads about 100 blogs every day...)
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I think Needtogetoutmoreitis would be quite fitting. (says the guy who hits Neatorama and a handful of other sites multiple times daily.)
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I've been through the whole thing too. But I didn't read EVERYTHING, only the things that interested me. It only took me about a week and all of my free time, but it's not that difficult. It is an addicting site.
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Yeah, I've read all the posts too. Thankfully, I found this site a couple of years ago when it wasn't quite as big, so the archives were a bit smaller. Still, it took me awhile.
I have WAY too much time on my hands apparently.
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I did the same thing when I discovered the site. Took me about two months to get through it all too. I started by just hitting random, but I realized soon enough that I might as well just sit down and go through the whole thing.

Totally worth it.
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I am not going to brag (unless you want me to) but I think I've probably read 97% of Neatorama. I started reading it when it started and for about a year I couldn't read it every day but always tried to catch up on the days I could. For at least two years now I've made it the first part of my daily routine.
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When you have a job over the summer where you do nothing but stay on the computer from 8am to 4 pm, it doesn't take long to knock out all of he posts...and then check the site every M-F for new ones.
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i too have ready EVERY neatorama post! i happen to have a job where i have A LOT of down one day, i sat there and read EVERY.SINGLE.POST. i was hooked on neatorama the first day i stumbled on this site!
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I have most definitely read the entire blog. It only took me a matter of weeks, but then again, I started reading like two years ago.
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The problem with using a wordpress type interface is exactly what you have said in your post. People don't read the old sections of your site. Thats the fundamental weakness of blogging structures.

Old content is good content but in your case its lost.

Your site is great, I read it most days, but your old content, which is still great content will not get read nor indexed in the search engines as well.

Also with a list of different posts down the index page, means that the search engines won't rank you high for any one topic, as they are all diffused together. If you are using adsense to monitorise your blog the adverts won't match the posts either.

Also if old posts are listed down the side with hyperlinks that too diffuses your keyword content and reduces your ranking and income.

These drawbacks mean that you spin your wheels staying in the same place, you must always produce content to get return visitors and old content isn't appreciated or read.

Because of these inherent drawbacks you need to change the structure of your site. What works with a small site with little content is failing you with your current site, you have moved beyond this system and need another type of structure to hold your content.

That is the next stage in the development of neatorama, one that sees your hard work properly recognised.

Hope this helps :)
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Haha! I did this as well! :D When I first came to Neatorama I went to the very first post and started reading them all. It was awesome.
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I've read all the entries. Well, sort of. I've gone through all the pages. If something was interesting to me, I'd open it and read it through. Also too much time on my hands I suppose.
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I *had* had all of it read, a few months ago. Then IE quit letting me on here. Once I wised up and switched to FF about a month ago, I was good, but I'm working on catching up.
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I read them all! Thank goodness you've got the next page thing on the bottom. I hate it when sites just send you to archives or a page of titles. I want it all loaded up and right there. I love all of the stuff here, and get to catch up on what was happening before I had a computer. I'm not sure what I did then....
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I've read the whole thing, too. Took some time but I kept going back until I hit the beginning. I kind of regret it because now I have to wait for you to update to get anything new. And a lot of times your stuff is cross-posted at boingboing which I also read.

But no matter. I refresh each morning and read what you give us. It's always fun. :)
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Over the years i probably have read every page, i remember finding the site and going back to the beginning and i've followed you since yeah, i've read every page i guess.
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I, too have read all of neatorama. I can read a 500 page book in a day, though, so it didn't take too long. I wish it did, because I was sad when I reached the end.

I am going to vote for NeatoramAZ.
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I've only read the posts since I found the site, not the archives. Still, that's a lot of neatness.

I wonder if anyone has read all the comments as well as the posts?
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Reading all of Neatorama is a pretty high achievement, but has anyone actually read every webpage, watched every youtube clip, and played every game linked to in a Neatorama post? I mean, I'd be a bit of a twit if I read the CliffsNotes for Remembrance of Things Past and proclaimed, "I HAVE MASTERED PROUST!!!"

From now on, Neatorama University should award PhDs to those few tough souls who dare to sink their teeth into chunks of unabridged neatness, rather than gulping it down in convenient capsule form on the Neatorama mainpage.

(btw, I would gladly pay $50 for a framed Neatorama diploma. Can this be done?)
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I also read the entire site when I came across it (I do that with all the new sites I really like). Neatorama took me about 4-5 days to fully peruse; like Emily I inhale 500 page novels in one sitting, so going thru the archives was a breeze.

And like Compwalla, I too hate the fact I have to wait for updates; I'll purposely not come to the site for a couple of days just so there's a few things for me to read!

Btw, Neatoramafication is my suggestion.

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Neatoramaniac I am ;)
Like others I browsed through the whole website, only reading the post interesting to me. I should sleep more...

Maybe Alex could make a T-shirt out of this? "I survived reading all Neatorama posts" ;)
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Not every post is interesting enough.
I've read most since I started, but didn't delve into the Archives.
I have no fancy name for it.
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yup.. did that too.. now its a daily ritual. the minute im in front of my pc i hit neatorama in my favorites first. i get a lil upset wen there are no updates n keep reminding myself theres a time difference since im in singapore. Brilliant website. KEEP UP THE SUPERB WORK!
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I'm actually in the process of doing that right now. I was curious how far it would go, then just started at the end working my way back up to now. Lots of great stuff. I'm around the 430s (from the 550s).
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I've been reading Neatorama daily since it had only three or four posts on it. It's amazing how big it's become! Sometimes I still think it's a small blog only a few people frequent, but then I see the mass of comments and am proven wrong.
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I've read all of Neatorama, and I did it last year! Alex, you even remarked on my doing it, why don't you remember?


Perhaps not. :P

Yes, anyway, my housemates had left for a two weeks' vacation and I used that opportunity to read every entry on a few blogs, including this one. It took me about three or four days, for many hours a day, and I have been hooked ever since! Thanks Alex, Miss C, and others for keeping me entertained throughout the day! :D
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Same as a few others here. I found neatorama a few years ago and backtracked back then. So I've read all the posts I guess XD;

I love how this blog updates so often ; )
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pshhhhhhhhhht! that's not news! I'm sure there are many "compleatorama"s (my vote for fave moniker) out there. Although I haven't quite done it myself, I'm almost there, have only half of 2006 left to read. I even made a catalogue of my favourite pages, with descriptions!

You should do a survey, see how many people have read the whole thing. Personally, I tried to do it only because I thought that you would be purging the oldest ones, which would be tragic, stopped only when I realized it wasn't necessary, go back to my list whenever I have time....thank you by the way for keeping it all!
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Yes, I've read it all - when I found it, at first I just read what was new daily. Then one week when I had to monitor a sick family member, I caught up all the way back to the start - and still continued to keep up with all the updates.

No, not too much time on my hands - but the same way Alex and friends made it all - you read it one bite at a time and sometimes take a few big helpings! :D
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I didn't think it was such a big deal, i mean I read all of Neatorama's posts abour 6 monts ago, when i discovered it ( it took me like a month), then all of boing boing, then all of cracked, then all of college humor.....
Its just something thas i have to do when i find someting that i like........

Am I a freak?
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Wow now I kind of feel like a loser...I read the whole website within a week of first finding it. Granted I was unemployed at the time... :(
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I've read it all too and it has provided me with many hours of entertainment at work. It's the first thing I do every morning during the week so Mondays are the best!
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I've read it all. I think I read all of the archives at some point last year. Since then I've had to check the site daily in order to keep up! I'm hooked!
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