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Is that Jean Yves Blondeau? He's done something similar pelting down the side of Grimselpass. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXWK8FE5kuw (SWF, the music is by Nude, no naked dudes going down the road).
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I can't imagine how that shed must have caught fire! :)

I'd be curious to know how he managed to align all of those tiles. Do you just assume the light's coming from a spot source and then shine a columnated laser at it and align each tile to the same reflected spot?
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If you use a degree as a yardstick for "this person can study" then it's great. If you want to actually teach someone advanced skills they'll later use in a career, I can't imagine what she'll be find herself doing with it.
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@JohnnyDoe : They're getting to the top to bask in the heat of the overhead lights. You can see one stretched out enjoying itself in the heat.

I'm somewhat concerned by the rocks at the bottom though, if they fall off there's every chance they'll crack their shells and these beasts do tend to get pretty big, they won't last long in a tank that size.

Since they're notoriously messy eaters and pollute the water with uneaten food, hundreds die as pets due to poor conditions, that tank seems pretty clean as it's on public display. It's even enclosed so people can't throw coins in. Still, I don't feel there should be more than a dozen in there.
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@meg: By that measure you could equally say that a baculum was a hip bone. On a point of pedantry, I'm also unconvinced about the sternum given that it's the fusion of three bones.
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I would be curious to know how that varies depending on the nationality/race of the traveler. Certainly in Mumbai being white appears to equate to having a "rob me" sign on your head when it comes to taxis. Apparently something similar frequently happened in London with well dressed Arabs.
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If there were hard evidence to support this, it sounds like a great deal; but I'd need a lot of convincing (and to have had all the kids I was planning on) before I put my jewels on the chopping block.
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In "The Shawshank Redemption" where the prisoners open a box of books for the library and come across The Count of Monte Cristo:
"What's it about?
>"Oh, a guy who escapes from prison."
"I'll file it under educational then".
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