Adorable Baby Turtles Climbing Vertical Rock Face

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YouTube user kakashi Julia spotted these baby turtles at a shopping mall in Malaysia. They're remarkably agile climbers.

via Geekosystem

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When I was a kid back in the '60s, you could buy these turtles in any pet store. The standard habitat was a plastic kidney-shaped bowl with a little "island" and fake palm tree in the middle. I had one a few times.

I'm guessing that it's illegal now.
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@JohnnyDoe : They're getting to the top to bask in the heat of the overhead lights. You can see one stretched out enjoying itself in the heat.

I'm somewhat concerned by the rocks at the bottom though, if they fall off there's every chance they'll crack their shells and these beasts do tend to get pretty big, they won't last long in a tank that size.

Since they're notoriously messy eaters and pollute the water with uneaten food, hundreds die as pets due to poor conditions, that tank seems pretty clean as it's on public display. It's even enclosed so people can't throw coins in. Still, I don't feel there should be more than a dozen in there.
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